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Autore: Pierandrea Leucci, Ilaria Vianello
Anno: 2022
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Law of the Sea,
Interpretation and Definitions

The “Associazione di Consulenza in Diritto del Mare” (ASCOMARE) is pleased to inaugurate its Yearbook series on the Law of the Sea. The first volume focusing on “Law of the Sea, Interpretations, and Definitions" aims at examining the content and legal scope of undefined terms of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and other related instruments, against the backdrop of State practice, international jurisprudence, and preparatory works. The volume strives to promote a uniform interpretation and application of the provisions of UNCLOS, as well as to provide an influential legal viewpoint on the meaning of undefined terms and phrasal lexemes of the law of the sea.
ASCOMARE is a law of the sea think-thank established in 2018 to conduct research and provide technical assistance on law of the sea matters to public and private entities. The main goal of ASCOMARE is to promote the study of the law of the sea, and facilitate its uniform interpretation and application across maritime regions and States, in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goal 14c. ASCOMARE is a founding member of the Consortium for the Study of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy (CONSMAR), and since 2021, it serves as Secretariat and depository for the Yearbook on the Law of the Sea publication series.

Mekhala Dave, The Image: An Interpretation
Ida Caracciolo, Unilateral Interests of States, Common Interests of States and Interests of Mankind: From Coexistence to Cooperation in the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea
Tullio Scovazzi, Some Remarks on Definitions in International Law of the Sea
Felicity G. Attard, Limitations on the Duty to Render Assistance at Sea under International Law
Marianthi Pappa & Chiara Pavesi, Protecting Non-State Actors’ Interests at Sea: Judicial Responses to the Silence of UNCLOS
Léna Kim, The Place of Economic Actors in the Law of the Sea through the Lens of Nationality
Ademun Ademun-Odeke, The Evolution, Nature and Application of ‘Private Ends’ in Piracy Definition
Arron Honniball, Exclusive ‘Jurisdiction’ on the High Seas Revisited: The Diverging Conceptualisation and Application of Article 92 of UNCLOS in The Enrica Lexie Incident Award
Henning Jessen, The Legal Understanding of the Term ‘Ship’ Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
Patrick Balsano, UNCLOS and the Unfortunate Oversight of Cartography
Frances Anggadi, The Meaning and Legal Significance of ‘Fringing Reefs’ in the LOSC, and Importance for Contemporary Challenges in the Law of the Sea
Pierandrea Leucci, Enforcing fishery legislation in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Non-Parties to UNCLOS: A Commentary to Article 73
Ilaria Vianello, Concluding Remarks